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Ques: How long will my eVISA be valid for after the issuance?
Ans: 3 (three) Months from the date of its issuance.

Ques: How long before my travel date should I apply for an eVISA?
Ans: the traveler must apply for his/her eVisa at least 2 weeks before the travel date.

Ques: Can I apply my eVISA in Sri lanka?
Ans: No, one must always obtain the eVisa prior to enter Sri lanka

Ques: so I have to submit any physical documents while applying for my eVISA?
Ans: No, you don’t have to submit any physical documents unless requested by the Sri lanka Mission House.

Ques: Should I re-apply for a new eVISA;  If my travel date changes and the new date is within 3 months?
Ans: No, you don’t need to re-apply for an eVISA. You can use your already valid (3months) visa to enter the Sri lanka territory.

Ques: Do I have to apply for a new visa, if my travel date changes and the new date is later than 3 months?
Ans: Yes, you must re-apply for a new eVISA if you wish to travel to Sri lanka after the expiration of your old visa.

Ques: What if my visa is issued, but it has some wrong information and needs corrections?
Ans: You must re-apply for a new Visa with correct details.

Ques: The information on my approved visa differs from the information that is on my travel document. Can I still enter Sri lanka with my this visa?
Ans: No, in this case your eVISA is invalid. Thus, you must re-apply for a new eVISA with the correct information.

Ques: After making the payment, I realized that some of the details I provided while filling  up the form was wrong and needs corrections. What should I do?
Ans: You must re-apply for the new eVISA with all the correct information.

Ques: If I do not use my eVISA, can I get a refund?
Ans: No refund requests will be entertained once the fee is paid.

Ques: Does my eVISA guarantees me to enter Sri lanka?
Ans: No, the eVISA is subject to the approval of the Department of Immigration Sri lanka at the Sri lanka entry exit point.